Emotional support in Amsterdam

Focused on the provision of care, empathy, trust, active listening, reflection and reassurance within a professional setting, that empowers your child and the family unit to make needed changes in behaviour, feelings and thinking. It is a goal-based collaborative process which can take a few sessions or more depending on your specific situation. Confidentiality is of paramount importance.

Emotional Support - STELD

Individual support

Helping the teenager get through personal and emotional difficulties and develop or gain specific skills.

Family support

Family therapy includes improving communication and understanding, handling special problems within the family and generally creating a better functioning home environment.


We understand that the adolescent is the nucleus of our work and in order to help the individual we need to look at every aspect of your teenager’s life. Along with the family, other professionals may be involved: teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.

Our intervention follows a systemic approach, incorporating recent advances in family therapy.

Phase I - Contact and Evaluation

After making the first contact by phone or e-mail, we will schedule a consultation with parents or joint parents/teenagers to identify areas of focus. Family interviews will take 90 minutes whereas an individual consultation will require an hour. 

After the consultation, an action plan will be sent to the parents with recommendations for further consultation, if necessary. 

At this point, a course of action is agreed. Then, the work will begin.

Phase II - Support

In the second phase, several support lines can be combined to provide the adequate care for your adolescent and facilitate parental participation. This may be as follows:

Learning support, emotional support, or informational support; be it individual or jointly with parents. 

Throughout the process parents are kept informed and any changes to existing plans are always discussed and agreed beforehand. If appropriate, contact with schools and other professionals, such as doctors or psychiatrists, will take place.


Individual Support

60 hour
  • Pre-session preparation
  • Debrief to parents when necessary
  • Post-session case notes
  • Administrative charges

Family Support

85 hour
  • Pre-session preparation
  • Post-session case notes
  • Administrative charges

Tais Triviño


Psychologist, master’s degree in psycho-oncology, expert in systemic interventions with more than 10 years of experience working with children and young people.

Based in Amsterdam, STELD is a private English/Spanish-speaking service, offering educational and emotional support to international teenagers and their parents.