Learning support in Amsterdam

We provide 1 – 1 support for teenagers or young people who require additional help, due to the challenges of adapting to new environments or inadequate study habits.
Study Coach

Study coach

Designed to help you study more efficiently.
You will analyse the way you are currently studying and will take a closer look at areas of improvement such as: better planning and time management, more efficient approach, focus and motivation.
You will learn new strategies and tips to gain a competitive edge even if there are no issues but it is felt that the bar could be raised.
Effective Study Training Course

Effective Study Methods Coaching

You will analyse diverse study methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The training course consists of six sessions of one hour each. Each technique will be taught and tested to improve your study habits and help you find the methods that give you the best results.

Our intervention follows an educational approach, incorporating recent advances related to the emotional, cognitive and social aspects of learning.

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