Learning support in Amsterdam

Focused on the provision of 1 – 1 support for teenagers who require additional help with their studies. This could be due to the challenges of adapting to a new environment, or specific learning difficulties (SpLD) such as: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Homework support

If your young one is struggling to get work done, does not meet deadlines or the feedback does not meet the expectations of the school, then your teenager is a candidate for homework support.

This is tailored to your adolescent’s needs and incluides extra teaching and revision of school material as well as checking and signing off homework tasks before submitting them to school.

English support

Designed for teenagers whose first language is not English. 

If you have just moved to the Netherlands or it is the first time that your teenager has attended an International school, this is exactly what your adolescent will need. The intention is to make the language adaptation and learning enjoyable, pleasant and effective. 

Your teenager will receive extra support needed with adequate writing, reading comprehension and fluent speaking.

Spanish support

If you are a Spanish speaking family [or you have lived in a Spanish speaking country] and your teenager already has some knowledge of the language, this service will help your child maintain fluency. 

The programme will be tailored to your teenager’s interests and level, focusing on interaction and speaking – always with a solid grammatical foundation.

Learning Support - STELD

Study coach

Designed to help your teenager to study more efficiently. 

With the help of a tutor your adolescent will analyse the way they are currently studying and will take a closer look at areas of improvement such as: better planning and time management, more efficient approach, focus and motivation. 

Your teenager will learn new strategies and tips to gain a competitive edge even if there are no issues but it is felt that the bar could be raised. 

Sessions are provided by request.

Effective Study Methods Coaching

This workshop analyses diverse study methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of these. The workshop consists of six sessions of one hour each. Each technique will be taught and tested to help your teenager improve his/her study habits and find the methods that give the best results.

This workshop is offered upon request.


We understand that the adolescent is the nucleus of our work and in order to help the individual we need to look at every aspect of your teenager’s life. Along with the family, other professionals may be involved: teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.

Our intervention follows an educational approach, incorporating recent advances related to the emotional, cognitive and social aspects of learning. 

After making the first contact by phone or e-mail, we will schedule a consultation with parents or joint parents/teenagers to identify areas of focus. 

After the consultation, an action plan will be sent to the parents with recommendations for further consultation, if necessary. At this point, a course of action is agreed. Then, the work will begin. 

Throughout the process parents are kept informed and any changes to existing plans are always discussed and agreed beforehand. If appropriate, contact with schools and other professionals, such as doctors or psychiatrists, will take place.

At this point an agreement will be entered into regarding a course of action. Then, the work will begin.


Homework/English/Spanish Support

35 hour
  • Pre-session preparation
  • Debrief to parents when necessary
  • Post-session case notes
  • Administrative charges

Study Coach

45 hour
  • Pre-session preparation
  • Debrief to parents when necessary
  • Post-session case notes
  • Administrative charges

Effective Study Methods Coaching

270 (6 sessions incl.)
  • Pre-session preparation
  • Debrief to parents when necessary
  • Post-session case notes
  • Administrative charges

Tais Triviño

Tais LS

Psychologist, master’s degree in psycho-oncology, expert in systemic interventions with more than 10 years of experience working with children and young people.

Based in Amsterdam, STELD is a private English/Spanish-speaking service, offering educational and emotional support to international teenagers and their parents.